There is more to awareness than just noticing what is around fact, many people never even pay attention to their surroundings. Under high periods of stress, a person's brainpower narrows. His/her attention shrinks, ability to access knowledge and memories is limited, and capacity to think critically and creatively becomes almost nonexistent. Stress makes making decisions-especially decisions that must be made under ambiguous and time-sensitive conditions-extremely difficult. This class will help trainees understand the dynamic decision-making process. The
knowledge and skills gained from this unit can be considered a sort of cognitive toolset that will help everyone "up-armour" their brains for stressful environments.

The PSS Situational Awareness course draws upon lessons learned on the planet's battlefields, and will enhance the way you look at the world around you. Using USJFCOM CODIAC practices, students will learn about:

...and much more.

This is a one day course designed primarily for Security, Protection, and Emergency workers, but all are welcome.

(Group discounts available)