The CPO program was designed by the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) for security officers and students who wish to learn more about security/asset protection.  It is for the career-oriented individual. The designation is a proven door opener: CPOs are viewed as more qualified and better equipped than officers who just stepped out of an employment agency, and are often hired for supervisory positions in a variety of settings.


Certified Protection Officer (CPO) Final Challenge

The Final Challenge is similar to the regular CPO certification program, except the candidate does not receive a textbook or the CPO Online training. In this way texts can be shared and costs reduced. Additionally, the midterm/interim exam is eliminated in the Final Challenge Option.

The Final Challenge Option may be appropriate for employers or schools who wish to provide texts. It also aids individual candidates who acquire a text on their own and feel comfortable taking the final examination without the midterm/interim preparation.

Candidates study each of the 45 chapters of the text "The Professional Protection Officer", and when they feel ready arrange to write the challenge exam. PSS will be happy to assist in the registration, and will also provide a suitable proctor.

Each chapter of the the text is available here for download in a Microsoft Word format

1 - Concepts and Theories of Asset Protection 2 - The Evolution of Asset Protection and Security
3 - Role of the Professional Protection Officer 4 - The Protection Officer as a Leader
5 - Career Planning for Protection Professionals 6 - Effective Communications
7 - Security Awareness 8 - Central Alarm Stations and Dispatch Operations
9 - Automation in Protection Operations 10- Patrol Principles
11- Traffic Control 12- Crowd Management and Special Event Planning
13- Environmental Crime Control 14- Physical Security Concepts and Applications
15- Alarm System Fundamentals 16- Access Control
17- Detection Technology 18- Fire Prevention, Detection, and Response
19- Occupational Safety and Health For The Protection Officer 20- An All Hazards Approach to Hazardous Materials
21- Information Security and Counterintelligence 22- Workplace Crime and Deviance
23- Substance Abuse 24- Workplace Violence
25- Crisis Intervention 26- Strikes, Lockouts, and Labor Relations
27- Security Risk Management 28- Emergency Planning
29- Terrorism 30- Antiterrorism and VIP Protection
31- Investigation: Concepts and Practices for Security Professionals 32- Crime and Incident Scene Procedures
33- Interviewing and Statements 34- Foundations for Surveillance
35- Report Writing and Field Notes 36- Legal Aspects of Security
37- Use of Force 38- Defensive Tactics and Officer Safety
39- Industrial Hazards, Safety, and the Security Patrol Officer 40- Apprehension and Detention Procedures
41- Human Relations in a Global Environment 42- Public Relations
43- Community Relations 44- Networking and the Liaison Function
45- Ethics and Professionalism  

Further CPO information is available at:

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