Alberta INVESTIGATOR training


The role of a non-police investigator is vast, complex and largely unknown by the general public. Perceptions are formed by fictional investigators like those found in the popular media or legendary fictional characters such as Sherlock Holmes.

The Alberta Security Services and Investigators Act defines an investigator as any person who undertakes to do the following for remuneration: investigate, conduct surveillance activities, or seek or obtain information about

As in many jurisdictions, any person performing such services in Alberta must be properly licensed. Investigators make inquiries, collect information and make reports for such groups as:

Using techniques such as surveillance, targeted interviews and collection of open source intelligence, investigators may become involved in cases that involve private family matters, allegations of insurance or other financial fraud, locating stolen property or financial assets, searching for missing persons, investigating allegations of harassment, discrimination or human rights violations in the workplace, and investigating incidents of internal theft of property, data or other assets.

Investigators may work for a professional association inquiring into allegations of professional misconduct; for insurance companies looking into possibly fraudulent claims; or for professional investigation firms that offer both general and specialized services. Regardless, investigations can be an interesting, varied and rewarding career.

The first step toward working as a licenced investigator is to attend and complete an Alberta Government approved Investigators Course. Our training is conducted over 60 hours, with the provincial examination also offered. Your hands-on training will cover the following subjects:

Presented by instructors with decades of experience in law enforcement and investigations, this classroom based course is a solid preparation for an exciting new career.

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